Start your very own business today and be a “healthfoodpreneur”. A business where health and taste go together. Business for the ones for whom self esteem is as important as money. A business with multiple options for budgets and formats.



Guavaz is a unique ice cream brand with the biggest range of natural products under one roof in the country.



Guavaz gives one a sense of high self esteem, since one is not only doing a business, but is also serving humanity at large, by being a part of something which is intended for the holistic well being of man kind.



Guavaz passes on the maximum profit margins to the franchisees



Guavaz has a flexible business model in which people having investment budgets from 2-30 lakhs may participate. It therefore gives business opportunity to all classes of people.



Guavaz is a proven national brand functional in 5 Indian states

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Guavaz is one-stop shop for customers as they can have Scoops, Sundaes, Smoothies, Mastanis and many more options all under one roof. The brand is growing rapidly and also helping its franchisees grow with them by providing them the requires support, platform and delivering a high rate of return.


Guavaz is very well suited for entrepreneurs who are looking for a complete product and consistent support to hone their skills to get a foothold in the industry.


Can’t compare a healthy product like Guavaz with other artificial ice creams made with preservatives. Healthy and natural-even a diabetic admitted that there was no increase in his blood sugar after consuming the sugar-free scoops; highly cooperative and creative management to help develop your business.


An entrepreneur who is looking at a business opportunity to learn, grow and create a profitable outcome for all stakeholders. This brand and it’s natural flavours provide a chance to create memorable and everlasting experiences.


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