Guavaz is a brand which is about “quality business”. A quality business is the one which keeps aligned with the fact: “sarveh sukhinah bhavantu, sarveh santu niramaya…” which means : May all become happy, May all be free of diseases. Money is a byproduct.

Our Team

Guavaz team considers it their utmost passion to see that the vision which was at the core of the project maintains its sanctity, and therefore the expansion of the team is also done on the same principles. The founding members and ones joining in later are equally important.

Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan

A mechanical engineer from the prestigious NIT Allahabad, passed out in 1997. The founder and preceptor of the entire concept , right from the recipes to brand creation and evolution. He has exceptional innovation skills and an endless passion for R&D.


Ranjana K

The one woman army behind the operations, almost managing the entire production, quality control and dispatch single handedly. While Mr. Fardeen is the brain behind the concept, she is the very heart of the process, executing things to their best possible extent.



A very vital resource in product sourcing and franchise store management.She is a post graduate in Arts.


Subuhi Khan

A german language translator for H.P, she is a very significant team member looking after the graphic designs and is also a vital communication link between the company and the allies.

Our Story

The founders, Ranjana, Fardeen, Kalpana and Anand(unfortunately left his body 2 years back), were experimenting for fun in the “Punya nagri” of Pune when, all of a sudden it was decided to give it the shape of a business. After much experimentation and research using ingredients sourced from nature which also cost money and time, unique recipes were born. These recipes were to become the foundation of a strong business to spring forth.

In due course of time, “Guavaz” was born: a brand intended for the well being of humanity. The first outlet was launched at Dehradun.

Franchising began

Rapid expansion happened, new product range launched

By this year end around 14 stores had come in existence


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